Ivan Cornejo - Esta Danada Lyrics in English (English Translation)

 Music has a unique capacity to communicate with our souls even in situations where we are unable to understand the language. In this blog post, we analyse the poignant lyrics of "Esta Dañada Lyrics in English" and provide an English translation. With its poignant lyrics, this song does a beautiful job of capturing the heartache and pain that love can bring.   

Esta Danada Lyrics in English    

-{Verse 1}-  

She is damaged by love, doesn't feel any pain  Her happiness has ended, her faith has vanished   


She doesn't believe in love anymore, she ran out of faith  She doesn't believe in love anymore, every day it rains in her world   

(Esta Dañada Lyrics in English -Video)


Her smile, her small face  Her little hands, oh, what a delight  Oh, how pretty your small face is  She likes to dance with her friends  That brings out hеr beautiful smile  Her bеautiful smile, oh, what a delight  


All Manzanita   

-{Verse 2}-  

She moved so delightfully to reggaetón  Every night singing the song  That we danced to, we kissed each other very drunk  And when you're crying, locked up in your room  I hope you sing my song   


La, la-la, la-la  

La, la-la, la-la, ah  

La, la-la, la-la  

La, la-la, la-la, ah

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