The Download: covid’s origin drama, and TikTok’s uncertain future

This is today’s version of downloadAnd Our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s happening in the tech world. Newly disclosed coronavirus data has reignited debate about the virus’ origins This week we have seen a renewed debate that has been raging since the beginning of the pandemic – where did the virus … Read more

Newly-revealed coronavirus data has reignited a debate over the virus’s origins

The data collected in 2020—which has since been kept out of the public eye—potentially adds weight to the animal theory. Highlights Possible suspect: a raccoon dog. But exactly how much weight you add depends on who you ask. New analyzes of the data have only reignited the controversy, and stirred up some serious drama. The … Read more

Nothing Phone (1) Users Complain On Twitter About Multiple Issues | Technology News

New Delhi: Several Nothing Phone (1) users have been complaining about various issues with the device on Twitter, such as – crashes during bootup, fingerprint freezes, touchscreen lag, and more. A user on Twitter shared a video showing that the phone got stuck while booting up. (Also Read: Bank Holidays in April 2023: Bank branches … Read more

Airtel Becomes First Telecom Operator To Expand Its 5G Network Over 500 Cities Across India | Technology News

New Delhi: Telecom operator Bharti Airtel overtook Reliance Jio in 5G penetration by expanding the network to an additional 235 cities, bringing its total reach to 500 cities. Reliance Jio has so far announced the expansion of its ultra-fast 5G network to 406 cities. “Bharti Airtel … ultra-fast 5G service is available to customers in … Read more