Twitter to launch tweet edit feature, here’s why Indians can’t use it | Technology News

New Delhi: Editing tweets may soon become a reality in the future. In a blog post, Twitter acknowledged that it is testing this feature in order to make it available to users. According to the microblogging platform, the functionality is already being tested on a small number of users and will be released soon. The editing functionality will not be available to limited users at this time.

While this seems enough to correct typos, upload media files, or add some tags, the company may have implemented it to stop people abusing the feature by abruptly changing the content of the tweet. (Read also: Twitter to allow Android users to share tweets on Snapchat and Instagram Stories)

The tweets will be updated soon, but there will be a time frame, according to Twitter. Once a tweet is posted, users will only have 30 minutes to edit it. The site will only allow five edits per tweet, and you must make them within the allotted period. (Also Read: Apple iPhone 14 Launch: Steve Jobs’ Daughter Brutally Walks iPhone 14 On Instagram)

Your Tweet’s edit history will be public. According to Twitter, every “modified tweet” will include a label, timestamp, and icon. Readers can therefore easily see that the original Tweet has been altered. According to the company, clicking on the label will direct readers to the Tweet’s edit history, which contains the previous iterations of the Tweet.

However, the feature will not be available to everyone. Twitter confirmed that the feature will be available first to those with a Twitter Blue subscription. There is currently no information on when this will be available to non-blue subscribers. The company plans to expand the edit button feature to more regions as they learn more about how people use it. As a result, everyone is likely to get it in the near future.

It is important to note that the Blue Membership feature is not available in India. Only a few countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, offer this feature.

A Twitter Blue subscription is basically a paid membership that provides exclusive access to premium features to enhance your use of this social media site. In many ways, this is identical to how Telegram works. A subscription-based service with some premium features, such as support for uploading larger files and faster downloads, was introduced by the messaging platform a few months ago.

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