Twitter to allow Android users to share tweets on Snapchat, Instagram Stories | Technology News

New Delhi: Twitter announced a new feature on Thursday that allows users to share tweets directly on Snapchat and Instagram Stories. This feature is already available for iOS users and is now available for Android users. Twitter has also added LinkedIn sharing of tweets on both Android and iOS.

“We enjoyed the tweet. Now everyone should enjoy it too. Live Tweet sharing on Snapchat and Instagram Stories is now available on Android (already on iOS!) and we added LinkedIn sharing on Android and iOS. Click the share icon on Tweet to try it out,” the company announced through her account.

Users who have updated their Twitter accounts to the latest version can now share their tweets directly to Instagram Stories and Snapchat. For Instagram stories, just tap the share button, then the Instagram icon, and you’re done. Snapchat and LinkedIn follow the same procedure. Tweets can already be shared to Facebook News Feed, Facebook groups, Messenger chats, Gmail chats, Telegram, and Signal.

Twitter also recently announced an edit tweet button for users. This feature will first be available only to blue tick users and will allow users to edit their Tweet after it has been posted. However, there will be a time limit for these tweets to be corrected. According to the company, users will be able to edit tweets multiple times within 30 minutes of being posted. An icon, timestamp, and label will appear to indicate that it’s an edited Tweet. Click on the label to view the editing history of the Tweet, which includes previous versions of the Tweet.

Another important change is Twitter Circle, which allows users to share their tweets with a group of people who share the same interests. “With Twitter Circle, people can now choose who sees and interacts with their content on a tweet-by-tweet basis.” This allows for more intimate conversations and closer connections with specific followers.”

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