THIS iPhone didn’t break even after falling from a height of 26th floor, details here | Technology News

New Delhi: Apple iPhone sets trends in every aspect be it camera, processor, design or anything else. The most recent event is a case in point. Smartphone users have always feared that the screen is cracked or broken, but the recent incident will help in getting out of this dilemma. It is said that the Apple iPhone 12 Pro of a Chinese woman miraculously survived a strange fall from the 26th level of the building. The smartphone fell into a foam pad on the second floor of the building when the woman was laying down a quilt on the balcony of her apartment complex, according to the Gizmochina article.

When the woman called for help, a staff member took the gadget back and found the screen to be in perfect condition. This example is just the latest in a series of anecdotes about iPhones surviving falls from seemingly unreachable heights. In the past, working iPhones have been discovered in toilets, rivers, and even after falling out of planes.

The fact that the iPhone in this case was able to survive a fall from a building on the 26th floor is undoubtedly impressive and as expected has gone viral. Consumers from different parts of the world started talking about the stranger. How does the iPhone survive such a fall is the most popular topic among netizens.

Some claims, the design of the phone may be one of the reasons. For example, the iPhone 12 Pro has a high-quality stainless steel frame, a ceramic protective panel, and a matte glass back panel. The durability and resistance to damage of this material is well known, and it may have helped the phone survive a fall.

In addition, the “Drop Protection” function in the iPhone operating system helps reduce damage when the device is dropped. The phone’s accelerometer triggers this feature, which instantly locks the phone and turns off the screen in order to stop any further damage.

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