The Merge arrives, and China’s AI image censorship

  • The dark secret behind those cute animal pictures generated by artificial intelligence. Google Brain revealed its own artificial intelligence in the image industry, called Imagen, earlier this year. But don’t expect to see anything unhealthy. Read the full story.
  • This avocado chair could be the future of artificial intelligence. Last year, OpenAI expanded GPT-3 with two new models that integrate NLP with image recognition to give its AI a better understanding of everyday concepts. Read the full story.

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I’ve combed the internet to find you the most fun/important/scary/cool stories today about technology.

1 The largest social media companies appeared before the US Senate
Past and present Meta, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube employees have answered questions about the impact of social media on homeland security. (Take Crunch)
+ Maintaining user attention is the primary purpose of their algorithms. (protocol)
+ A TikTok representative avoided committing to cutting off China’s access to US data. (Bloomberg $)

2 China wants to reduce its dependence on Western technology
Investing heavily in local businesses is just one part of its multi-year plan. (F $)
+ Cybercriminals are increasingly interested in the personal data of Chinese citizens. (Bloomberg $)
+ The FBI accused him of spying for China. ruined his life. (MIT Technology Review)

3 California sues Amazon
Accusing it of causing price hikes across the country. (The Wall Street Journal $)
+ The two-year battle to stop Amazon from selling facial recognition to police. (MIT Technology Review)

4 Russia is waging a surveillance war on its citizens
Its powers increasingly target ordinary people, not well-known dissidents or journalists. (slate $)
+ Russian forces are still fleeing northern Ukraine. (Watchman)

5 Dozens of AI systems discussed 100 years of climate negotiations in seconds
They are evaluating the policies that are most likely to have universal appeal. (new world $)
+ Patagonia’s owner awarded the company in order to fight climate change. (Watchman)

6 Iranian hackers hijack their victims’ printers to deliver ransom notes
The three men have been accused of targeting people in the US, UK and Iran. (Motherboard)

DARPA’s mini drone can spy from almost anywhere
The unmanned vehicle can also carry small bombs. (WP $)
+ The Taliban shot down a helicopter left by the US military. (Motherboard)

8 Listening to the stars helps astronomers assess what’s inside
Scary-sounding sound waves transmit a lot of data. (economic $)
+ The James Webb Space Telescope has spotted newborn stars. (space)
+ The next Space Force commander believes the United States needs a constellation of satellites to fight China. (Nikki Asia)

9 We’ll Never Be Able To Flip And Turn Like A Cat
But the best divers and gymnasts are as close as we can get. (Atlantic Ocean $)
+ The best robot jumpers are inspired by nature. (Quanta)

10 This robot laughs
Even if it wasn’t terribly convincing. (Watchman)

Quote from today

“Tesla hasn’t produced anything yet when it gets close to a fully self-driving car.”

—Briggs Matsko, owner of Tesla, explains his rationale for suing the company over the “deceptive” way it markets driver assistance systems, according to Reuters.

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