YouTube’s deadly crafts, and DeepMind’s new chatbot

Ann Reardon is probably the last person you would expect to get banned from YouTube. A young Australian woman and mother of three, she has been teaching millions of loyal subscribers how to bake since 2011. But the takedown email was referring to a video that wasn’t Reardon’s typical sugarpaste fare. Since 2018, Reardon has … Read more

AI-generated art and YouTube’s algorithm

1 The race to decarbonize Europe’s heavy industryScaling up promising technologies is among the biggest hurdles—but not insurmountable. (economic $)+ Nature documentaries tend to take a quick look at human suffering. (wired $)+ Decarbonization is now “essential”. (MIT Technology Review) 2 What we misunderstand about the abortion pillMedical trials, politicians, and the public have focused … Read more

YouTube’s recommendation algorithm is unresponsive to user feedback, according to Mozilla

Mozilla researchers analyzed seven months of YouTube activity from more than 20,000 participants to assess four ways YouTube says people can “adjust their recommendations” – DislikeAnd the not interestedAnd the erase from historyor Do not recommend this channel. They wanted to know how effective these controls really were. Each participant installed a browser extension that … Read more