YouTuber tests Apple Watch Ultra durability with hammer –Here’s what happens next | Technology News

San Francisco: The Apple Watch Ultra was tested by a YouTuber who dropped it, subjected it to a bowl of nails, and repeatedly smashed it with a hammer to see how durable the sapphire crystal protecting the display was. According to MacRumors, TechRax, a popular channel for durability testing of products, tested first Apple Watch … Read more

iPhone 14 car crash: YouTuber performs car accident to test crash feature | Technology News

New Delhi: Apple just released the new iPhone 14 phones. Fault detection is one of the distinguishing features of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. If it detects an accident involving the vehicle the user is traveling in, the features will automatically alert and dial emergency calls. To illustrate how the feature works, a … Read more

Xiaomi Redmi 6A smartphone explosion near a women’s face kills her, claims YouTuber | Technology News

New Delhi: A YouTuber reported that a Redmi 6A smartphone exploded and killed a woman in the Delhi NCR area. According to a tweet from a tech YouTuber, someone’s aunt was using the smartphone and she kept it close to her face on a pillow while sleeping, and the smartphone exploded, killing her. Xiaomi responded … Read more