Russia’s battle to convince people to join its war is being waged on Telegram

Just minutes after Putin announced his conscription, officials of the anti-Kremlin group Rospartizan announced their “mobilization”, Preparing her fans For the bombing of military conscription officers and the Ministry of Defense with Molotov cocktails. “Ordinary Russians are called to die for nothing in a foreign land,” they wrote. “Provoke, incite, spread the truth, but do … Read more

The world is moving closer to a new cold war fought with authoritarian tech

Unlike the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the authoritarian regime in Venezuela in 2017 announced a smart identity card for its citizens that combines employment, voting and medical information with the help of the Chinese telecom company ZTE. Huawei, another Chinese telecom company, boasts a global network of 700 local locations smart city technologyAccording to the company’s … Read more