Meta unveils an AI that generates video based on text prompts

Although the effect is fairly minor, the system offers an early glimpse of what’s coming next for generative AI, the next obvious step-by-step text-to-image AI that has caused massive excitement this year. The Meta announcement of Make-A-Video, which has not yet been made available to the public, will likely lead other AI labs to release … Read more

How To Whatsapp Audio, Video Call On Laptop, Desktop, PC, iPad, Mac, WhatsApp Web | Technology News

WhatsApp, as one of the fastest messaging platforms, has emerged not only as our personal chat app but also as a professional communication medium. Even if you are in a low network area but have wifi access, you can contact the concerned person through WhatsApp. Whether it is an official voice call or a personal … Read more

WhatsApp entering film-making business, to premiere its first original short film ‘Naija Odyssey’ on Amazon Prime Video and YouTube | Technology News

New Delhi: In an unusual move, WhatsApp owned by Meta is taking an adventure in the film industry and will premiere its first original short film “Naija Odyssey” on Amazon Prime Video and YouTube. The 12-minute short film tells the story of NBA player Giannis Antetokounmo, born in Greece to Nigerian parents. “The Greek Freak. … Read more

Getting nude video calls from unknown number? Here’s how to remain safe from this online scam | Technology News

New Delhi: Internet scams are becoming common. Nowadays, there are hundreds of ways scammers use to defraud you online. One such method is to use video calls to defraud people. Yes, you are reading correctly; Phishing involving video calls and extortion is also fairly common. According to earlier reports this year, people received video calls … Read more

Instagram: Going to launch ‘not interested’ button to stop irrelevant video clips in users feeds–check details here | Technology News

New Delhi: Instagram owned by Meta works on the type of content that users want to see in their feeds. The company will soon release an uninterested button to fix the issue. After receiving heavy criticism from users a few days ago for placing a large amount of irrelevant videos in their feeds, Instagram has … Read more