China’s version of ChatGPT, and protecting our brain data

Technology meant to read your thoughts and explore your memories is already here In recent years, we’ve seen neurotechnologies move out of research labs and into actual use. Schools have used some devices to monitor children’s brain activity to know when they are paying attention. Police forces use others to find out if someone is … Read more

ChatGPT Plus In India: OpenAI Launches Subscription Version With Early Access To GPT-4 at This Cost Per Month | Technology News

New Delhi: OpenAI launched ChatGPT Plus subscription in India today. It is available at $20 per month for users. Benefits in upgrade plans include availability even during high demand, faster response speed, and priority access to new features. Subscribers will also get early access to new features, including GPT-4 in However, the free version … Read more

Microsoft to Shut Down Teams Free Version From April 12 | Technology News

New Delhi: Microsoft has announced that the free version of Teams, an old business app, will no longer be available from April 12. It is no longer available,” Microsoft said. The company has stated that users will need to upgrade to Microsoft Teams Essentials by paying Rs 110 per user/month to maintain chats, meetings, channels … Read more

Microsoft Rolls Out ChatGPT-Enabled Premium Version of Microsoft Teams | Technology News

New Delhi: Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday introduced a premium Teams messaging offering powered by ChatGPT to streamline meetings with an AI chatbot that is taking Silicon Valley by storm. Microsoft said the premium service will cost $7 per month in June before rising to $10 in July. We bring the power of large language … Read more

ChatGPT’s paid version available for $42 a month for some early users | Technology News

New Delhi: Some ChatGPT users on Monday posted on social media that they got access to the ‘ChatGPT Professional’ version which costs $42 per month. OpenAI, the Microsoft-owned artificial intelligence company that developed the sexy chatbot, has yet to confirm pricing. AI developer Zahid Khawaja posted a screenshot of ChatGPT pricing, showing $42 per month. … Read more

Artists can now opt out of the next version of Stable Diffusion

A spokesperson for Stability.AI did not respond to a request for comment. in a tweetEmad Mostaki, founder of Stability.AI, said the company does not do this for “ethical or legal reasons”. “We’re doing this because there’s no reason not to do it privately and be more inclusive,” Mostaque said on Twitter. “We think different model … Read more

Google releases new version of Android 13 TV OS with improved performance | Technology News

Google has released the latest Android TV OS, “Android 13” for TV, which brings further performance and accessibility improvements to help their developers create engaging apps for the next generation of TVs. The new update comes with new APIs (Application Programming Interface) for the big screen that help developers deliver higher-quality experiences to users across … Read more

Sony PlayStation to get new VR 2 Headset next year; Hello Games too announces to launch compatible version of No Man’s Sky | Technology News

New Delhi: Sony PlayStation will soon release the new VR2 Glasses. However, there is good news for gamers as well. According to developer Hello Games, the upcoming No Man’s Sky version will be compatible with the Sony PS VR2 headset and will be released on the same day as the headset’s launch. Sony Playstation VR2 … Read more