The Download: hydrogen’s potential, and Twitter’s terrorism accusations

This is today’s version of downloadAnd Our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s happening in the tech world. When hydrogen helps climate change – and when it doesn’t. Hydrogen is often heralded as a climate hero because when it’s used as a fuel in things like buses or steel production, there are … Read more

Twitter’s new verification for organizations: A game changer for businesses on the platform | Technology News

New Delhi: Twitter recently announced the launch of Organization Verification, a new feature that will allow businesses to verify their accounts and appear on the platform. This new feature, previously known as Blue for Business, will soon be rolling out to businesses. However, users can apply for early access via Queue option. The verification process … Read more

The Download: Twitter’s decline, and explaining fusion

This is today’s version of DownloadAnd the Our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s happening in the tech world. We are witnessing the brain death of TwitterThe state of Twitter since the Elon Musk acquisition feels like brain death: the processes that keep it online are still somewhat buzzing, but what was … Read more

How Twitter’s “Teacher Li” became the central hub of China protest information

It’s hard to describe the feeling that came after that. It is as if everyone is coming to you and all kinds of information from all over the world are converging towards you and [people are] I tell you: Hey, what’s going on here; Hey, what’s going on over there; Do you know, this is … Read more

Twitter’s toxicity, and what China’s protestors want

By Scott Weiner, California State Senator representing San Francisco and northern San Mateo County. Just a day after Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene reactivated her Twitter account, she tweeted that I was a “communist nanny,” most likely because I’m a gay, Jewish Democratic-elected official from San Francisco. In the past when Greene has dogged me as … Read more