First Time In Television: US Animated Show ‘South Park’ Uses AI bot ChatGPT To Write Down Its New Episode ‘Deep Learning’ – Watch | Technology News

New Delhi: The American animated satirical show “South Park” has enlisted the help of AI – ChatGPT to write the script for the new episode, titled “Deep Learning”. The most recent episode of the show mentioned ChatGPT as one of the two writers in charge of the episode in the credit department – one being … Read more

Apple Watch Alarms Owner About Fatal Internal Bleeding; Get him Medical on Time | Technology News

New Delhi: The Apple Watch helped save its wearer’s life, by alerting to a rapid pulse after a nap that led to a diagnosis of severe internal bleeding. Taking to Reddit, the owner, the account called “digitalmofo,” shared the incident with the headline, “Well, the Apple Watch 7 saved my life.” The Redditor mentioned that … Read more

Popular Youtuber Mr Beast Helps 1000 Blind People to See First Time in Life; Patients’ Expressions Melt Netizens’ Heart | Watch | Technology News

New Delhi: The world’s most followed single YouTuber, Jimmy aka Mr. Beast, announced in his latest YouTube video and Twitter update to help 1,000 blind people get treatment. After that, they were all able to see each other for the first time in their lives. In his letter, he said they had “helped 1,000 people … Read more

AI robot to defend a human in court for first time in history next month | Technology News

New Delhi: If 2022 is considered the year of artificial intelligence with the advent of ChatGPT, Dall-E and AI LaMDA from Google, then 2023 will not leave behind an indelible mark. Applications based on artificial intelligence are gradually beginning to integrate into our lives and the days are not far when they will become an … Read more

After Koo, another Twitter alternative in making, this time by ex-employee FIRED by Elon Musk | Technology News

New Delhi: Users have been exploring other alternative platforms after Elon Musk took over Twitter, fired hundreds of employees, and changed nearly every other rule in the company as well as the platform. There are many alternatives to Twitter, and two former Twitter employees are currently developing another network they call Spill. Alfonzo Fones Terrell … Read more

Crucial Scientific Breakthrough: US scientists announce successful ‘Nuclear Fusion ignition’ first time; boosts clean energy hope | Technology News

New Delhi: Today, the US Department of Energy announced a major breakthrough in the fusion ignition process. This breakthrough has the potential to change the future of clean energy around the world. Scientists have been working on this problem for decades. Finally, on December 5, 2022, the Lawrence Livermore National Ignition Facility made history, demonstrating … Read more

Babies spend most of their time asleep. New technologies are beginning to reveal why

Later, when Austin and his team analyzed footage from the recordings, they noticed differences in the brain during active and restful sleep. During active sleep, when babies are most fussy, brain regions in the left and right hemispheres seemed to fire at the same time, in the same way. Austin says this hints that new, … Read more