Amazon is about to go head to head with SpaceX in a battle for space internet dominance 

Amazon has applied to the FCC to increase its collection to 7,774 satellites, which would allow it to cover areas farther north and south, including Alaska, as does Starlink. There are riches to be had: SpaceX currently charges $110 a month to access Starlink, with an initial cost of $599 for the antenna to connect … Read more

Starlink signals can be reverse-engineered to work like GPS—whether SpaceX likes it or not

in Non-peer-reviewed paper Which he posted on his lab website, Humphreys claims to have provided the most complete characterization of Starlink signals to date. This information, he says, is the first step toward developing a new global navigation technology that works independently of the Global Positioning System (GPS) or its equivalent in Europe, Russia and … Read more

The 1,000 Chinese SpaceX engineers that only existed on LinkedIn

“They all graduated from Tsinghua and attended the University of Southern California or similar famous universities,” Lee says. In addition, they all worked for a particular company in Shanghai. I obviously suspect that this is fake data that was generated.” (SpaceX did not respond to a request from MIT Technology Review to confirm the number … Read more