Amazing space, and geoengineering restrictions

why does it matter: Scientists believe that spraying sulfur dioxide or other reflective particles into the stratosphere in sufficient quantities may be able to offset some level of global warming. But the little-known side effects, along with difficult questions about how to control temperature-modulation technology, make it highly controversial. What’s Next: The startup did not … Read more

How the James Webb Space Telescope broke the universe

But the speed with which the JWST made discoveries is due to more than its intrinsic capabilities. Astronomers have prepared for years for the observations they will make, developing algorithms that can quickly turn their data into usable information. Much of the data is accessible, allowing the astronomical community to comb through it almost as … Read more

Space exploration, and why we’re hooked on hybrid cars

Must read I’ve combed the internet to find you today’s most fun/important/scary/cool stories about technology. 1 Sam Bankman Fried’s top aides pleaded guilty to fraudThey have agreed to cooperate in his trial. (The New York Times $)+ The following are some of the charges brought by the US authorities against them. (bloomberg $)+ “Moral crusader … Read more

What’s next in space in 2023

in the solar system The moons of the largest planet in the solar system are also on the agenda next year. April 2023 will see a Sweeping new task It was launched from the European Space Agency (ESA) as JUICE, for the “Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer.” Set to reach Jupiter’s orbit in 2031, the spacecraft … Read more