Govt Releases Guidelines Called ‘Endorsements Know-Hows’ For Celebrities, Social Media Influencers; What Is It And What New Rules Say | Technology News

New Delhi: The Department of Consumer Affairs has issued a set of guidelines called “Assurances – Know!” For celebrities and influencers on social media platforms, with the aim of ensuring that individuals do not mislead their audience when endorsing products or services. The government wants to make sure endorsements comply with consumer protection law and … Read more

Digital Creator Zahir Patel Embarks On A New Venture | Internet & Social Media News

While we would love to watch a juggler hurl balls or bottles, doing the same is no walk in the park. It’s a skill! Similarly, there are skilled people in real life who don’t manipulate bottles but have different roles. They are better known as “multifaceted humans”. Only a few can qualify for that, and … Read more

Social Media influencers ATTENTION! New rule launched by centre, CCPA can charge fine up to Rs 50 lakh on violating THESE norms | Technology News

New Delhi: To protect consumer interests and prevent deceptive advertising, the center has released a new set of standards for social media influencers. Social media influencers through “Knowledge of Endorsements – For Celebrities, Influencers, and Virtual Media Influencers on Social Media Platforms” are now required to disclose all “material” interests, such as gifts, hotel stays, … Read more

Govt to curb proxy brand promotions by Social media influencers; will bring guidelines soon | Technology News

New Delhi: Aiming to rein in social media influencers who indulge in proxy branding or paid promotions without revealing this to their followers about it, the government may soon fine them up to Rs 50,000. According to sources familiar with the developments, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs is working on guidelines on social media influencers … Read more

Indian Govt bans Pakistani-based Vidly TV’s OTT platform, apps, social media accounts in India; Here’s SHOCKING reason | Technology News

New Delhi: The central government on Monday informed that Pakistan’s OTT platform called ‘Vidly TV’ has been banned from broadcasting web series that were against India’s national security and safety. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has also banned the website, two mobile apps and four social media accounts from Vidly TV. The Ministry of … Read more

Social Media users ALERT! Impersonation on Twitter, Facebook may cost you Rs one lakh fine, three years in jail | Technology News

Are you active on social media platforms? If you use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, do you know that impersonating an account can cost you three years of imprisonment plus a fine of Rs 1,000? Impersonation means creating and using a social media account with the names/photos of others. The government said it … Read more