Bluetooth users BEWARE! Hackers using Bluebugging to steal your data –Here’s how to remain safe | Technology News

New Delhi: Bluetooth is a wireless technology that enables people to use their mobile devices for audio, navigation, and more while being hands-free. Many products have Bluetooth enabled, including computers, iPads, headphones, cell phones, and laptops, which can be an invitation for hackers to compromise this feature. When it should only be activated when necessary, … Read more

Getting nude video calls from unknown number? Here’s how to remain safe from this online scam | Technology News

New Delhi: Internet scams are becoming common. Nowadays, there are hundreds of ways scammers use to defraud you online. One such method is to use video calls to defraud people. Yes, you are reading correctly; Phishing involving video calls and extortion is also fairly common. According to earlier reports this year, people received video calls … Read more