OMG! ChatGPT clears MBA exam – Read details | Technology News

New Delhi: Now, everyone understands that ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot, can write anything—including articles, emails, plays, and poetry—and can do so in a variety of tones and styles based on commands you give it. It turns out that he could also pass the exams, but with significant flaws. The chatbot’s performance on an MBA exam … Read more

Apple ‘Find My’ feature saves car crash victim’s life in California, US; Read THIS interesting story | Technology News

New Delhi: The tech giant’s ‘Find My’ feature on the Apple iPhone helped find a woman who fell 200 feet from the top of a hill, after a car accident in the US state of California. The San Bernardino County Fire Department posted details of the rescue on Facebook and reported that the accident occurred … Read more

WhatsApp BANNED 37 Lakh ‘malicious accounts’ in India in November. Read Details | Technology News

New Delhi: Meta-owned WhatsApp said on Wednesday that it had blocked more than 37 ‘bad’ accounts in India in November in compliance with new IT rules 2021, which are being amended to place more responsibilities on social media platforms. Between November 1 and November 31, 3,716,000 WhatsApp accounts were banned and 990,000 of those accounts … Read more

Read 10 AMAZING facts about NASA’s InSight Mars rover as it sends last EMOTIONAL message from red planet | Technology News

New Delhi: NASA’s Insight spacecraft is preparing to record from its mission after exploring the Red Planet for more than 4 years. Now, the rover’s power level has dropped to a non-functional level. InSight has sent the last message from the Red Planet and said it could be the last photo from it. The letter … Read more

Finding it difficult to read your doctor’s prescription? Google may come handy; Check this upcoming feature | Technology News

New Delhi: Over the past few years, there has been a huge shift in technology. Technology drives every sector. As a result, a few years ago, no one could have imagined that poorly written or rough handwritten text could be read with just one click. The development only seems to be getting better at this … Read more

Delhi Man receives several missed calls; then losses Rs 50 lakh in Jamtara-kind of fraud – Read details | Technology News

New Delhi: Jamtara is a popular web series on the topic of cybercrime. It is a true story based on a tribal area in Jharkhand called ‘Jamtara’. The popular program seemed to show how most of the teens and young adults got caught up in cybercrime by making fraudulent calls and messages to steal money … Read more

THIS was the first SMS ever sent in the world 30 years ago; Read interesting history of short messages | Technology News

New Delhi: Happy Birthday was the first text message sent in the world 30 years ago in 1992. It was sent to a mobile phone owned by Richard Jarvis by a Vodafone engineer named Neil Papworth on December 3, 1992 to Berkshire in the UK. Read also | Russia rejects the oil price ceiling imposed … Read more

World Computer Literacy Day 2022: Read 10 Interesting facts about computers | Technology News

New Delhi: On December 2 of each year, we celebrate International Computer Literacy Day, which aims to bridge the digital divide in the world. Computers have become an essential part of our lives. However, there is a huge digital divide in India. There is a large number of population across the country who do not … Read more

Tech billionaire Elon Musk earns seventh spot in Google’s most searched celebrity list 2022; Read the full list | Technology News

New Delhi: Amber Heard became the most searched celebrity on Google in 2022. The results were published by CelebTattler, which tracked about 150 celebrities from Google’s 2022 search trends. Tech billionaire and new Twitter boss Elon Musk ranked seventh on Google’s most searched celebrity of 2022. He was highly searched for for his Twitter saga … Read more