Govt’s Swachh City platform hacked, data of 1.6 crore people at risk: Researchers | Technology News

New Delhi: Cybersecurity researchers revealed Wednesday that hackers have compromised the Swachh city platform, an initiative of the Swachh Bharat Mission in collaboration with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, and could lay down “critical information” for nearly 1.6 crore (about 16 million) users. in danger. From the sample data disclosed by the threat … Read more

Maximize data outcomes by investing in people and systems

Sundar: In my experience, being an architect in the past and managing and advising many of my clients, data management is primarily looked at to serve regulatory requirements in the past. So, it used to be an independent process level, but for any effective data governance out there, it has to be an inclusive process. … Read more

iPhone 13 orders being cancelled on Flipkart during Big Billion Day sale? Know what people are saying | Technology News

New Delhi: Flipkart Big Billion Days went on sale last week and brings a range of offers on products ranging from electronics, smartphones and kitchen appliances to apparel, fashion accessories and much more. One of the important sectors that has gained great traction among online customers is the smartphone and electronics sector. However, the strange … Read more

Russia’s battle to convince people to join its war is being waged on Telegram

Just minutes after Putin announced his conscription, officials of the anti-Kremlin group Rospartizan announced their “mobilization”, Preparing her fans For the bombing of military conscription officers and the Ministry of Defense with Molotov cocktails. “Ordinary Russians are called to die for nothing in a foreign land,” they wrote. “Provoke, incite, spread the truth, but do … Read more

How we’ll transplant tiny organ-like blobs of cells into people

We are arguably a long way from transplanting a miniature brain into humans (Although some tried to put it in rodents). But we’re getting closer to transplanting other organoids — potentially those that look like lungs, livers or intestines, for example. Recent progress has been made by Mirianne Romiti at the Université Libre de Bruxelles … Read more

A memory prosthesis could restore memory in people with damaged brains

Brain injury patients will be the first [candidates]These injuries tend to affect specific areas of the brain. It would be easier to target hippocampal injuries than degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, which tend to damage many areas of the brain, says Song. “It seems to me that we might one day be able to … Read more