Apple Watch Alarms Owner About Fatal Internal Bleeding; Get him Medical on Time | Technology News

New Delhi: The Apple Watch helped save its wearer’s life, by alerting to a rapid pulse after a nap that led to a diagnosis of severe internal bleeding. Taking to Reddit, the owner, the account called “digitalmofo,” shared the incident with the headline, “Well, the Apple Watch 7 saved my life.” The Redditor mentioned that … Read more

“Bro Howzit, I know I stole your laptop yesterday…, thief’s mail to laptop owner make Twitterati go crazy | Technology News

New Delhi: Twitter user Zweli Thixo posted a screenshot of an email he received from the thief who took his laptop. The thief apologized for taking the laptop and explained why he had to do so by mail. The thief discovered that the laptop contained important documents, which he volunteered to move if necessary. They … Read more