OMG! Twitter bathrooms smell bad, employees forced to bring their own toilet paper– Here’s why | Technology News

New Delhi: Since the appearance of Elon Musk, Twitter has made headlines. Immediately after the takeover, Musk fired the top executives along with Parag Agrawal. As a cost-cutting strategy once in office, Musk left roughly 50 percent of the company’s staff. But now that Musk is in charge, the company is a complete mess. The … Read more

OMG! A dentist uses her mother’s milk to make jewellery; buyers laud mementoes | Technology News

New Delhi: In the past, parents would store their children’s clothes and toys safely so that they could appreciate the memory later. Fashion and progress have changed today. The concept of preserving old children’s clothes has become obsolete due to technological innovation. Nowadays, mothers love to wear jewelry that memorializes their breastfeeding experience. In India, … Read more

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New Delhi: Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a new type of Drinik Android virus, which can steal your important banking information. For starters, Drinik is an old malware that has been in the headlines since 2016. In the past, the Indian government issued a warning to Android users about malware that was stealing their personal data … Read more

OMG! An 18-year boy hacks Uber, employees’ thoughts someone is joking | Technology News

New Delhi: The computer network of taxi booking platform Uber was hacked on Thursday. The company’s internal communications and engineering systems have been affected by the cyber attack. The company said it was investigating the cybersecurity issue. According to reports, due to this security gap, Uber has had to shut down its internal communications engineering … Read more