Apple To Release Its New Classical Music App On March 28 | Technology News

New Delhi: Tech giant Apple has announced that it will launch its new standalone classical music app on March 28th. The company initially intended to launch an app focused on classical music by the end of last year, after acquiring music service Primephonic in 2021, The Verge reports. “Apple Music Classical makes it quick and … Read more

Youtube Music Now Let Users Create Customise Radio Stations | Technology News

SAN FRANCISCO: Google is introducing a new feature for its music streaming service “YouTube Music,” which will allow users to create their own custom stations based on specific artists. Users can access the new “Radio Builder” feature by going to the “Your Music Tuner” section of the YouTube Music homepage in the iOS or Android … Read more

Googles New AI can Generate Music From Text | Technology News

New Delhi: Researchers from US tech giant Google have created an AI that can generate minutes-long pieces of music from text messages and can even transmit a beep or hum to other instruments, similar to the way systems like DALL-E generate images from written prompts. The Verge, American technology news site, via TechCrunch. According to … Read more

Apple adds karaoke feature to its music service; Now users will able to do THIS | Technology News

New Delhi: Based in Cupertino, Apple has added a new karaoke option to its music service. Apple Music Sing is a karaoke-style option built into Apple Music that uses real-time lyrics. With customizable vocals, it enables users to sing along to millions of songs while hearing their own voice. According to the company, Apple Music … Read more