See how biased AI image models are for yourself with these new tools

One theory for why this is, Gernight says, is that perhaps non-binary people of color have had more visibility in journalism lately, meaning their images end up in datasets that AI models use to train. OpenAI and Stability.AI, the company that built Stable Diffusion, say they have introduced fixes to mitigate inherent biases in their … Read more

Language models might be able to self-correct biases—if you ask them

The second test used a data set designed to check the likelihood that a model would assume the gender of someone in a given profession, and the third tested to see how race affected a potential applicant’s chances of being accepted to law school if the language model had been asked to make the selection—which, … Read more

Apple Cuts iPhone 14 Models Prices by up to $125 in China to Boost Sales | Technology News

New Delhi: Media outlets reported on Tuesday that Apple has significantly cut prices of iPhone 14 models by up to $125 (850 yuan) in China to boost sales after it reported falling revenue in the holiday quarter. According to the South China Morning Post, Apple’s online stores on e-commerce platform showed an 800 yuan … Read more

AI models spit out photos of real people and copyrighted images

Stable Diffusion is open source, which means anyone can analyze and investigate it. Imagen has been shut down, but Google has granted the researchers access. Singh says the work is a great example of how important it is to give research access to these models for analysis, and argues that companies should be similarly transparent … Read more

iPhone 15 Pro models may feature solid-state buttons, increased RAM | Technology News

San Francisco: Apple’s next-generation iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will reportedly include new features such as solid-state buttons with haptic feedback, a titanium frame, and increased RAM. According to Hong Kong investment firm Haitong International Securities analyst Jeff Bo, the iPhone 15 lineup will include a 6.1-inch iPhone 15, 6.7-inch iPhone 15 … Read more

Got a Samsung phone? WhatsApp to end support for THESE Samsung models from December 31 | Technology News

New Delhi: Meta-owned WhatsApp will reportedly end support for a range of older Samsung phones, as the company may soon end support for Android smartphones that are not running at least Android 5.0 (Lollipop). According to SamMobile, these include seven Samsung smartphones released in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Devices include Galaxy Ace 2, Galaxy Core, … Read more

Apple rolls out 5G support for iPhone 14, other top models in India –Check list | Technology News

New Delhi: As India enters the era of 5G, Apple on Tuesday announced that 5G cellular support has been enabled for its new iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone SE and iPhone 12 lineup in India. In order to use 5G connectivity with Reliance Jio and Airtel on iPhone 12 model or later, customers will need … Read more

BIG blow to Apple iPhone enthusiasts! Wait longer to get iPhone Pro models– Here’s WHY | Technology News

New Delhi: Unrest among workers at Foxconn’s factory in Zhengzhou, China, could lead to severe supply shortages. One of the few factories producing iPhone Pro models for global markets, this is one of them. Since the launch earlier this year, there has been a shortage of phones. The disruption caused, according to Bloomberg estimates, a … Read more

Trust large language models at your own peril

According to the Meta, Galactica can “annotate academic papers, solve mathematical problems, create Wiki articles, write scientific code, annotate molecules, proteins, and more.” But soon after its launch, it was very easy for outsiders to do urgent A form for submitting “scientific research” on the benefits of homophobia, antisemitism, suicide, glass eating, being white, or … Read more

iPhone 14 Pro models are still seeing high demand than 13 Pro: Report | Technology News

New Delhi: A new report says that the next generation iPhone 14 Pro models from the tech giant Apple are still in high demand compared to the iPhone 13 Pro. According to claims by the product availability tracker, the demand for the iPhone 14 appears to be lower than it was for the iPhone 13, … Read more