Finding a new life for old batteries

All recycling companies’ operations look the same to an outside observer. The batteries are disassembled and crushed, and the resulting powder is dissolved before being subjected to various chemical techniques. But the details will be a major deciding factor in how much valuable material recyclers can recover, and therefore how much money they can make. … Read more

Apple ‘Find My’ feature saves car crash victim’s life in California, US; Read THIS interesting story | Technology News

New Delhi: The tech giant’s ‘Find My’ feature on the Apple iPhone helped find a woman who fell 200 feet from the top of a hill, after a car accident in the US state of California. The San Bernardino County Fire Department posted details of the rescue on Facebook and reported that the accident occurred … Read more

Twitter back to life after suffering MASSIVE global outage | Technology News

New Delhi: Twitter came back to life after suffering a massive outage globally, including in India, on Thursday. Twitter suffered a major outage because logging into its web version was difficult for a lot of users who were greeted with an error message when they tried to log in. In the early hours of Thursday, … Read more

Smartphones ruining life of MARRIED COUPLES! THIS survey shows Shocking and BIG revelation; Details here | Technology News

New Delhi: Gone are the days when people used to be physically active and now the virtual world dominates the majority as the internet now controls all aspects of life. People can advance in almost all aspects of life using the internet. It can connect people from all over the world and build communities. It’s … Read more

Google celebrates life of Maria Telkes, one of first pioneers of solar energy, with a special Doodle | World News

New Delhi: On Monday (December 12, 2022), Google celebrated the life and innovative work of Dr. Maria Telkes, a pioneer in solar energy, by drawing a special doodle. Telkes was the first recipient of the Society of Women Engineers Achievement Award on this day in 1952. Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1900, Telkes studied physical … Read more

iPhone 14 Emergency SOS via satellite saved man’s life who was stranded in Alaska | Technology News

In what may be the first known case of Apple’s Emergency SOS service being used via satellite, an American man managed to save his life after he was stranded in Alaska. Apple iPhone 14’s “Emergency SOS via satellite” feature saved the life of an American man after he was stranded in a rural area. With … Read more

WhatsApp to allow users to multitask while on video call; THIS new feature to make life easier for app users | Technology News

New Delhi: Profiles owned instant messaging app WhatsApp is developing a picture-in-picture feature for video calls. According to reports, with the new launch, users will be able to use other applications while having a video chat on WhatsApp. The feature has reportedly started rolling out to some beta testers, and more users are expected to … Read more

We can now use cells from dead people to create new life. But who gets to decide?

His parents told the court that they wanted to retain the possibility of using the sperm to eventually produce children genetically related to Peter. The court granted their wishesPeter’s sperm was recovered from his body and stored at a local sperm bank. We have the technology to use sperm, and possibly eggs, from the dead … Read more