Apple Sale: BIG DISCOUNTS on iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and more; Check special offers here | Technology News

Apple, the tech giant and one of the leading mobile phone brands in the world, is offering huge discount deals on a variety of devices including iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and more. Accessories such as Apple Watch bands and AirPods are also available at discounted prices. Customers can get discounts of up to Rs 10,000 by … Read more

Tesla launches a wireless charging platform for AirPods, iPhones and more at WHOPPING COST of Rs 25,000; Deets inside | Technology News

New Delhi: Tesla, a car company run by Elon Musk, has introduced a new product that isn’t a car. This time, the company has unveiled a wireless charger that can charge multiple gadgets at the same time. It is known as a wireless charging pad and can charge a variety of gadgets, including headphones and … Read more

40 % of India’s mobiles export in 2022-23 are iPhones: Amitabh Kant | Technology News

New Delhi: About 40 percent of India’s mobile exports so far in 2022-23 are iPhones.” Well done! Thanks to the PLI chart, India has crossed the Rs 50,000 export mark during April-November 2022 – up 110 percent over the same period during the period from Last year, the main shareholders were three Apple manufacturers – … Read more

iPhones and iPad users’ ATTENTION! You can download THIRD-PARTY apps soon; Deets inside | Technology News

New Delhi: In response to EU standards, Apple Inc. To allow sideloading and alternative software stores on iOS. According to Wednesday’s Bloomberg story, the Software Engineering and Services division is going to great lengths to unlock critical components of Apple’s platforms. With the modifications, customers will eventually be able to download third-party software directly to … Read more

Twitter Blue with verification arrives today, December 12; $8 for Android, $11 for iPhones | Technology News

New Delhi: Twitter on Sunday announced the relaunch of its Blue subscription service with verification on December 12, which will cost $8 for Android users and $11 for iPhone owners per month. Musk raised the price of Twitter Blue’s subscription service from $8 to $11 for iPhone users, while keeping the 30 percent that Apple … Read more

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New Delhi: Few people are aware of many hidden functions that are in the Apple iPhone devices. The LiDAR scanner located next to the rear camera is one such feature. Using the iPhone’s camera, the feature allows users to quickly determine a person’s height. Light Detection and Ranging, also known as LiDAR, allows users to … Read more

After iPhones, Apple now plans to shift some iPad production to India | Technology News

SAN FRANCISCO: While Apple plans to move more iPhone production away from China to India, it is now reportedly also looking to move production of some iPads to India to maintain the integrity of its supply chain amid Covid-related turmoil. CNBC, citing sources, reports that Apple has “talked to Indian officials about locating some iPad … Read more

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New Delhi: The largest Apple iPhone factory in the world is located in a city that has been completely sealed off by the Chinese government. And recently witnessed massive labor demonstrations in the factory owned by Foxconn. The Chinese authorities chose to lock down the city in response to the protests, telling everyone to stay … Read more

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