In Pics: Stephania Morales – Travel blogger and latest social media sensation | Internet & Social Media News

We live in the age of social media. You can be a model and a social media influencer at the same time. You can be a tech expert, and again a social media influencer at the same time. Stefania Morales is the latest social media influencer and is also a traveler, social media star, and … Read more

Start-up Story: Digital Groovers’ CEO PCR formula of success | Internet & Social Media News

For a successful entrepreneur, PCR (perseverance, commitment and resilience) is the key to success says Sukhpreet Singh, CEO of Digital Groovers. Singh feels that patience and vision are the two most important aspects that describe a true entrepreneur. “The true talent of a true entrepreneur lies in his ability to take risks with couples with … Read more

Manas Khatri IJCA Research Paper gives insights into the Metaverse | Internet & Social Media News

The world of marketing has evolved a lot in the past few years. Its constant dynamics and emerging dimensions have caused marketers to upgrade their marketing to keep up with the latest trends. Metaverse, the new reality of the internet world, is an immersive virtual world facilitated by virtual reality and augmented reality. A research … Read more

Lack of safety on the internet is due to bots, unregulated algorithms: Rajeev Chandrasekhar | Technology News

The Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Rajiv Chandrasekhar, said on Thursday that the lack of security on the internet is due to botnets and unregulated use of algorithms, among others. Chandrasekhar, citing a Reuters report that Disney found fake “essential” users on Twitter in 2016, tweeted that “platforms that ignore their … Read more

Unsung heroes: Moderators on the front lines of internet safety

One might ask, what exactly does a content moderator do? To answer this question, let’s start from the beginning. What is content modification? Although the term moderation Often misunderstood, its primary goal is clear – to rate user-generated content for potential harm to others. When it comes to content, moderation is the act of preventing … Read more

Tech, telecom firms in India seek central govt control over Internet shutdowns; Check out WHY they want | Technology News

New Delhi: An industry group of India’s tech and telecoms giants has urged the central government to get the country’s internet shutdowns under control to help avoid the uncertainties caused by countries giving such orders, according to sources and a letter seen by Reuters. (Also read: Apple appeals against ban on selling iPhones without chargers … Read more

Changing the way world drinks: Estuary’s ‘Blending Water’ | Internet & Social Media News

With the consumption of domestic whiskey booming, India now has a thing or two to teach the world about the fine drink. The Indian startup Epicurean aims to redefine the whiskey-tasting experience with a range of toned waters specially designed for spirits. Dubbed ‘Blending Waters’, these low-density waters have just the right levels of TDS … Read more

Indian businessman Satish Sanpal gets Rise of Industry Emirates Business Award | Internet & Social Media News

Businessman Satish Sanpal received the Emirates Business Award from Sheikh Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, at the Emirates Business Headquarters in Dubai. “I am honored to be honored at the Emirates Business Awards – Industry Renaissance. This honor is special to me as it is a source of pride not only for me … Read more