FACT CHECK: Apple iPhone 14 Pro for Rs 6,499? Here’s truth | Technology News

New Delhi: The exorbitant price tag of Apple’s all-new iPhone 14 Pro only cemented its aspirational status in our nation. The 1TB storage option has a staggering price tag of Rs 1,79,990, while the entry-level 128GB model is priced at Rs 1,29,990. The desire for the latest iPhones, especially PRO models, is known to scammers. … Read more

Users have a better way to focus on studies with Instagram Quiet Mode; Here’s step-by-step guide on how to enable it | Technology News

New Delhi: In an effort to increase the number of time management tools available, Meta Instagram on Thursday introduced a brand new feature dubbed Quiet Mode. By turning off incoming alerts, auto-replying to direct messages, and setting your status to “quiet mode” to let friends know you’re not using the app at the moment, the … Read more

Here’s what didn’t make the list for 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2023

The task of selecting technologies for this list always sparks lively discussions and debates within our team. We have to make strict calls about what to include and what to exclude. Here are some of the techniques employees recommended this year that didn’t work in the end. digital fashion Fashion brands and designers are selling … Read more

TikTok users can now tag movies, TV shows in videos; Here’s HOW to do it | Technology News

New Delhi: Chinese short-form video maker app TikTok has partnered with IMDb, an online database of information on movies, TV series and more, to allow users to tag movies and TV shows in their videos in the US and UK. Up to five tags can be embedded per video and each tag will point to … Read more

MeitY releases draft amendments for regulation of online gaming; Here’s everything you need to know – Explainer | Technology News

New Delhi: The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has proposed an amendment to the IT (Mediator Guidelines and Code of Digital Media Ethics) Rules, 2021, to regulate online gaming in India. I released the draft amendment for public discussion and sought feedback by January 17, 2023 from the public. Read also | OnePlus … Read more

OMG! Twitter bathrooms smell bad, employees forced to bring their own toilet paper– Here’s why | Technology News

New Delhi: Since the appearance of Elon Musk, Twitter has made headlines. Immediately after the takeover, Musk fired the top executives along with Parag Agrawal. As a cost-cutting strategy once in office, Musk left roughly 50 percent of the company’s staff. But now that Musk is in charge, the company is a complete mess. The … Read more

Bad News for Millions of Indians! People living near airports may not get to enjoy 5G service in 2023; Here’s WHY | Technology News

New Delhi: The rollout of 5G in India, which started in October 2022, is happening at a much faster scale in India than 4G or 3G and millions of people will soon have a faster and faster operating, gaming and working experience. their devices. However, there are still some serious concerns to be addressed. Industry … Read more

UIDAI urges people to update their Aadhaar cards that were issued 10 years back; Here’s WHY | Technology News

New Delhi: In a statement on Saturday, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology said Aadhar cardholders who had their cards issued ten years ago and never updated since then are encouraged to update them. Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has urged people to update their documents for the continued accuracy of the information … Read more