Explainer: What Is Generative AI, The Technology Behind OpenAI’s ChatGPT? | Technology News

New Delhi: Generative AI became a buzzword this year, capturing the public’s imagination and sparking a rush between Microsoft and Alphabet to launch products with technology they believe will change the nature of work. Here’s everything you need to know about this technology. What is generative artificial intelligence? Like other forms of AI, generative AI … Read more

How to create, release and share generative AI responsibly

“If we really want to address these issues, we have to get serious,” says Farid. For example, cloud service providers and app stores like those run by Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Apple, all of which are part of PAI, want to block services that allow people to use deepfakes with the intent of creating non-consensual … Read more

Generative AI for video, and detecting AI text

The original startup behind Stable Diffusion, has launched a generative AI for video What happened: Runway, the AI ​​startup co-creator of Stable Diffusion launched last year, has launched an AI model that can transform existing videos into new ones by applying patterns from a text message or reference image. what’s he doing: In a spin-off … Read more

The original startup behind Stable Diffusion has launched a generative AI for video

Founded in 2018, Runway has been developing AI video editing software for several years. Its tools are used by TikTokers and YouTubers as well as mainstream movie and TV studios. The makers of The Late Show with Steven Colbert used Runway software to edit the show’s graphics; The visual effects team behind the hit film … Read more

Generative AI is changing everything. But what’s left when the hype is gone?

The big breakthrough behind the new paradigms is in the way images are created. The first version of DALL-E used an extension of the technology behind it OpenAI GPT-3 language model, producing images by predicting the next pixel in an image as if they were words in a sentence. This worked, but not very well. … Read more