AT&T, ServiceNow, and Infosys fireside chat: Using technology to simplify the customer experience

Simplifying the customer and operator experience has become a priority for telecom operators as they shift to cloud and edge computing. Leaders from AT&T, ServiceNow, and Infosys discuss areas of focus that can help meet customer expectations. click here to complete.

Shocking! Amazon customer orders over Rs 1.5 lakhs MacBook Pro, get dog food inside box | Technology News

New Delhi: An Amazon customer who ordered a MacBook Pro at over Rs 1.5 lakh from the e-commerce site was shocked when the package reached his doorstep. The customer we’re talking about had ordered a MacBook Pro. However, when he received the smartphone, much to his surprise, he found dog food inside the box, instead … Read more

Shocking! Customer claims that he ordered laptop from Flipkart, gets old computer parts & e-waste | Technology News

New Delhi: During the Big Diwali Sale on Flipkart, Chinmaya Ramana of Mangalore, Karnataka, ordered a gaming laptop. When the package arrived, he opened it only to discover it contained old computer parts and electronic waste. Like some of us, he has only seen such incidents on social media platforms; This was the first time … Read more

Flipkart customer orders iPhone 13 but receives iPhone 14 instead in delivery; Twitterati make FUN | Technology News

New Delhi: Twitter user Ashwin Hedge tweeted that one of his followers ordered an iPhone 13 from a Flipkart Big Billion Days sale but received an iPhone 14 instead. Netizens started trolling Apple and iPhone with the same design, with witty jokes and sarcasm. Flipkart has been widely lured into offering previously wrongly sold products … Read more

Shocking! Flipkart customer orders laptop, gets Ghadi detergent bars | Technology News

New Delhi: The festive sale of e-commerce platform Flipkart continues. The company offers an attractive bargain in the ongoing sale. But what happens when someone orders a laptop and receives some Gaddy’s detergent bars? Unbelievable sound? But yes, it is true. Are you wondering about the location of the accident and with whom? Here is … Read more

Customer experience and the future of work

Key trends such as the impact of COVID-19 on accelerating digital commerce, telecommuting and hybrid work, and changing employee expectations driving “Big Resignations” are having profound impacts on workforce strategies in call centers around the world. Indeed, as an industry that requires a large number of employees, often in hourly paid jobs, and with roles … Read more

Teachers Federal Credit Union delivers customer service at speed with cloud and data

Thank you for joining us at Cloud Hub: From Cloud Chaos to Clarity. Suresh Rinjathan, Chief Technology Officer at Teachers Federal Credit Union, discusses the move to cloud and digital transformation. The discussion covers what companies need to do to become successful data-driven enterprises. click over here to complete.

Building great digital customer experiences with agile infrastructure

So if you extend that. Two years ago, we launched DevCloud, UBS DevCloud, an effectively open ecosystem built on the public cloud, where all of our software engineers can enjoy a seamless experience from development, to testing, to deploying solutions as they run. This speeds up the time to market, and also reduces the cost, … Read more