Not iPhone 14, THIS company is the first one to support satellite connectivity | Technology News

New Delhi: iPhone 14 will be launched a few hours from now. There are a lot of rumors circulating in the market regarding the specifications of the Apple iPhone 14. One of the most talked about topics about the device is that the device comes with the features of satellite communication. Reports claimed that this … Read more

Samsung users’ personal data leaked in a massive data breach, company says THIS | Technology News

New Delhi: Samsung has reported a data breach to some users which resulted in the theft of personal data including birthdays, contact information and more of the users. The data of Samsung users in the US was compromised in the breach that occurred in July of this year. In an email, the company revealed that … Read more

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg says company will launch new advanced VR headset in October; Check what’s new you get | Technology News

New Delhi: Mark Zuckerberg has announced a new virtual reality headset for Meta that will cost around $1,000. While speaking to Joe Rogan on his podcast, Zuckerberg announced that the new headphones will be released in October. (Also read: Netflix Alert! Guess the words from popular Netflix shows; Check details) Zuckerberg pointed to the company’s … Read more

Crooks tracking your exact location from Instagram? Social media company clarifies | Technology News

NEW DELHI: A rumor has been circulating on social media over the past week that a recent update to iOS or Instagram activates ‘precise location’ on users’ phones, leaving them vulnerable to stalkers and criminals. An influential marketing company made this claim, which has been amplified on Instagram by other users. “Since the new update, … Read more

This company is about to grow new organs in a person for the first time

And the lymph nodes near the liver are close enough to receive the signals of chemical distress that the dying tissue of the diseased liver sends, says Lagas. These signals are intended to encourage any healthy liver tissue to regenerate, but this does not work in cases of severe disease. However, the signals appear to … Read more