Twitter to launch a higher priced subscription with zero-ads in coming weeks, says Elon Musk | Technology News

New Delhi: Twitter chief Elon Musk said in a Twitter thread that the platform plans to bring a higher priced subscription with no ads in the coming days. It will provide a rich and smooth user experience Musk also said that “ads are very frequent on Twitter and very large”. The microblogging site takes steps … Read more

ChatGPT is coming soon to Azure OpenAI Service: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella | Technology News

New Delhi: Microsoft will soon launch ChatGPT, the AI-powered application capable of writing essays, poems, or even completing computer code, on its cloud-based Azure OpenAI Service, CEO Satya Nadella announced. “Soon to be available on Azure OpenAI, now generally available, ChatGPT is where we help customers apply the world’s most advanced AI models to their … Read more

The wild new technology coming to offshore wind power

The solution, as Weinstein sees it, is to build a floating turbine. Weinstein said that offshore wind power follows a progression that oil and gas companies have been drawing on rigs: moving from land to sea to floating facilities. Weinstein has been involved in some of the world’s first demonstration projects for floating wind power, … Read more

California’s coming wind boom faces big engineering hurdles

Research groups estimate that costs could fall from about $200 per megawatt-hour to between $58 and $120 by 2030. This would make floating offshore wind more expensive than solar and onshore wind, but it still plays an important role in comprehensive energy portfolio. Technology is also improving. The turbines themselves continue to ramp up, generating … Read more

853 tech firms lay off over 137,492 workers globally, more job cuts coming | Technology News

NEW DELHI: As more and more companies across the spectrum lay off employees amid the global meltdown, at least 853 tech companies worldwide have laid off around 137,492 employees so far, and the number is only trending north amid recession fears. According to data from Layoffs, a collective database of tech layoffs, 1,388 tech companies … Read more

Super-hot salt could be coming to a battery near you

ambry is a Boston-area startup that builds calcium-antimony molten-salt batteries. company recently Announce a demonstration project Deployment of energy storage for Microsoft’s data centers, and raised last year More than 140 million dollars to build its manufacturing capacity. The company says its technology can be 30-50% cheaper over its lifetime than an equivalent lithium-ion system. … Read more

I will remove all legacy Blue badges in coming months: Elon Musk | Technology News

New Delhi: Elon Musk said on Friday that there were too many corrupt and fake blue “verification” check marks on Twitter and that he would remove them all in the coming months. the new Twitter CEO He also said that from now on, accounts involved in parody should include “parody” in their names, not just … Read more

Meta fires 13% staff globally: Twitteratis question whether ‘recession is coming’ | Technology News

New Delhi: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, announced on Wednesday that it is laying off 11,000 employees globally, which is about 13% of employees across many divisions of the company. In a letter to Meta employees, Zuckerberg informed about the layoffs and the next procedures that will be followed. Read also | ‘I’m sorry…’: Zuckerberg … Read more

Here’s how a Twitter engineer says it will break in the coming weeks

This is especially a problem for a site like Twitter, which can have unexpected spikes in user traffic and interest at random, Krueger says. Krueger compares Twitter to online retail sites, where companies can prepare for big traffic events like Black Friday with some predictability. “When it comes to Twitter, they have the possibility of … Read more

WhatsApp latest feature ‘message yourself’, ‘profile photo for group chats’ coming soon | Technology News

WhatsApp is working on bringing two major features in the coming days. These two features are “Send a message to yourself” and “View profile pictures in group chats”. While the Message Yourself feature allows the user to send messages to themselves, View Profile Pictures in Group Chats will display the user’s WhatsApp profile DP (Display … Read more