The Download: discovering proteins, and Pakistan’s climate crisis

This is today’s version of DownloadAnd the Our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s happening in the tech world. AI that can design new proteins could help unlock new treatments and materials what happened?: A new AI tool could help researchers discover previously unknown proteins and design entirely new ones. When used, … Read more

“Fingerprints” of climate change are clear in Pakistan’s devastating floods

However, in this case, it is not clear how big a role climate change has played. It is relatively easy to perform an attribution study evaluating the effect of warming in heat waves, as hotter average temperatures drive the baseline from which such extreme heat events set off. The group has precisely calculated how much … Read more

The next transition for CIOs and CDOs: Preparing for climate risk reporting requirements

Thank you for joining us at Cloud Hub: From Cloud Chaos to Clarity. The Securities and Exchange Commission may soon require registrars to disclose climate-related information in audited financial statements. The CIO and CDO should begin preparing the IT infrastructure and data foundation that will enable data collection, computation, and reporting on climate-related requirements. click … Read more

Why the carbon capture subsidies in the climate bill are good news for emissions

But in the heated debate about carbon sequestration, it is often lost that technology can also play critical roles in accelerating emissions reductions across a variety of industries. This includes cleaning up highly polluted industrial sectors such as cement, steel and fertilizers. These actions could also support the development of low-emissions fuels and so-called bioenergy … Read more

We must fundamentally rethink “net-zero” climate plans. Here are six ways how.

Research and development funding There are all kinds of areas where the world has yet to figure out how to effectively, affordably, and quickly cut emissions, including aviation, shipping, fertilizer, livestock, steel and cement. So companies looking to accelerate their path to zero emissions and maximize their impact on climate change should also fund needed … Read more