China’s version of ChatGPT, and protecting our brain data

Technology meant to read your thoughts and explore your memories is already here In recent years, we’ve seen neurotechnologies move out of research labs and into actual use. Schools have used some devices to monitor children’s brain activity to know when they are paying attention. Police forces use others to find out if someone is … Read more

Turning garbage into energy, and China’s app anxiety

Some people may look in the trash at a grocery store and see trash. But others are starting to see dollar signs. New facilities are popping up in the US to help process food waste using a process called anaerobic digestion, which uses microbes to break down organic matter. Food waste processing company Divert announced … Read more

Making sense of the changes to China’s zero-covid policy

It’s a confusing time. Instead of a single top-down decision from Beijing to roll back anti-virus policies, there have been several independent decisions announced by local governments in the past week., mostly about canceling mandatory PCR tests and reopening businesses. However, they sometimes conflict with each other, and a lot of Chinese cities enforce their … Read more

Circumventing China’s firewall, and using AI to invent new drugs

As protests against China’s strict coronavirus measures swept through social media, one Twitter account emerged as a central source of information: @李老师不是你老师 (“Teacher Lee is not your teacher”). People everywhere in China sent protest screenshots and real-time updates to the account through private messages, and he posted them on their behalf, with the sender’s identity … Read more