OMG! ChatGPT clears MBA exam – Read details | Technology News

New Delhi: Now, everyone understands that ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot, can write anything—including articles, emails, plays, and poetry—and can do so in a variety of tones and styles based on commands you give it. It turns out that he could also pass the exams, but with significant flaws. The chatbot’s performance on an MBA exam … Read more

ChatGPT demand on Google hits a record high, China takes top interest | Technology News

New Delhi: Searches for a text-based artificial intelligence tool called ChatGPT on Google are at a record high, and China is leading in demand, despite reports that local tech giants have voiced opposition to the tool. Social media giant Tencent has chosen to remove ChatGPT-related software from the WeChat platform. It is worth noting that … Read more

ChatGPT is coming soon to Azure OpenAI Service: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella | Technology News

New Delhi: Microsoft will soon launch ChatGPT, the AI-powered application capable of writing essays, poems, or even completing computer code, on its cloud-based Azure OpenAI Service, CEO Satya Nadella announced. “Soon to be available on Azure OpenAI, now generally available, ChatGPT is where we help customers apply the world’s most advanced AI models to their … Read more

ChatGPT tries to copy Shashi Tharoor’s style; Congress MP calls it ‘Hilarious’ | Technology News

New Delhi: Congressman Shashi Tharoor took a look at his own style by sharing a screenshot of a Twitter user asking ChatGPT to write a paragraph on his leave of absence tomorrow in the style of Shashi Tharoor. The congressman called it funny and said he couldn’t see himself writing anything like jejune (Naïve). Shashi … Read more

Beware! Hackers using AI bot ‘ChatGPT’ to write malicious codes to steal your data | Technology News

New Delhi: One report warned that artificial intelligence (AI)-driven ChatGPT, which gives human-like answers to questions, is also being used by cybercriminals to develop malicious tools that can steal your data. Check Point Research (CPR) researchers identified the first such cases of cybercriminals using ChatGPT to write malicious code. On underground hacking forums, attackers create … Read more