Finding a new life for old batteries

All recycling companies’ operations look the same to an outside observer. The batteries are disassembled and crushed, and the resulting powder is dissolved before being subjected to various chemical techniques. But the details will be a major deciding factor in how much valuable material recyclers can recover, and therefore how much money they can make. … Read more

How old batteries will help power tomorrow’s EVs

Manual dismantling won’t be ideal once the company starts taking more materials, says Andy Hamilton, Redwood’s vice president of manufacturing. Eventually, Redwood hopes to automate more of this sorting process, though building automated systems that can handle the variety of batteries the company takes will likely be a challenge. After sorting and disassembly, the batteries … Read more

The Download: mRNA vaccines, and batteries’ breakout year

This is today’s version of DownloadAnd Our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s happening in the tech world. What’s next for mRNA vaccines When the Covid pandemic began, we were warned that wearing face coverings, disinfecting everything we touch, and staying away from other people were some of the only ways we … Read more

What’s next for batteries in 2023

Solid state batteries can use a wide range of chemicals, but are a prime candidate for commercial uses lithium metal. Quantmscapefor example, is focused on this technology and has raised hundreds of millions in funding ahead of its IPO in 2020. The company has struck a deal with Volkswagen that could put its batteries in … Read more

The Download: cattle’s deadly tick-borne disease, and molten salt batteries

This is today’s version of DownloadAnd the Our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s happening in the tech world. A new tick-borne disease is killing livestock in the United States In the spring of 2021, Cynthia and John Grano, who own a cattle ranch in Culpeper County, Virginia, began noticing some of … Read more

How new versions of solar, wind, and batteries could help the grid

Wind turbines can be installed on land, or to get out of the way, offshore, at least in places where the ocean is not very deep. But in the past few years, companies have started dreaming bigger, building the first commercial offshore wind farms that can float. Now, floating wind turbines are generating electricity in … Read more

Funding US batteries, and Elon Musk’s Twitter deal is nearing completion

The United States is on a climate technology spending spree. Over the past year, federal actions have allocated hundreds of billions of dollars to energy and climate. Now, we’re starting to see some of that money actually being distributed. The Department of Energy announced nearly $2.8 billion in grants to companies that manufacture battery materials … Read more