Social Media influencers ATTENTION! New rule launched by centre, CCPA can charge fine up to Rs 50 lakh on violating THESE norms | Technology News

New Delhi: To protect consumer interests and prevent deceptive advertising, the center has released a new set of standards for social media influencers. Social media influencers through “Knowledge of Endorsements – For Celebrities, Influencers, and Virtual Media Influencers on Social Media Platforms” are now required to disclose all “material” interests, such as gifts, hotel stays, … Read more

iPhones and iPad users’ ATTENTION! You can download THIRD-PARTY apps soon; Deets inside | Technology News

New Delhi: In response to EU standards, Apple Inc. To allow sideloading and alternative software stores on iOS. According to Wednesday’s Bloomberg story, the Software Engineering and Services division is going to great lengths to unlock critical components of Apple’s platforms. With the modifications, customers will eventually be able to download third-party software directly to … Read more

WhatsApp user’s ATTENTION! Download your Aadhar and Pan card from WhatsApp by following THESE simple steps | Technology News

New Delhi: WhatsApp has become more than just a messaging app as the app is massively upgrading its features. It is used for online purchasing, payment processing, and communication with businesses and authorities. You can use WhatsApp to get citizen services like checking Aadhaar or PAN through a number of government websites. But do you … Read more

WhatsApp user’s ATTENTION! Check your CREDIT/ CIBIL score free on WhatsApp; details inside | Technology News

New Delhi: The data analytics and decision-making organization, Experian India, offers free WhatsApp credit scores. This is the first credit bureau in India to offer such a service. Consumers can now simply and frequently check their credit reports to keep track of their credit profile. As per the Credit Information Firms (Regulation) Act 2005, Experian … Read more

WhatsApp Business users ATTENTION! Meta may bring Facebook, Instagram advertising feature to you | Technology News

WhatsApp has around 500 million users in India and WhatsApp business users are growing at a fast pace. WhatsApp is well aware of this and thus to enhance the customer experience and help their business grow, WhatsApp is adding some new features to its Business app. According to reports, the instant messaging app is working … Read more

ATTENTION WhatsApp users! These 5 new features rolled out in India | Technology News

WhatsApp, the instant messaging platform, was launched in India in 2010 and within a few years, it emerged as a chatting app. Today, it is used for a range of purposes including business, voice and video calls, and sharing of documents and photos. India is the largest user base of WhatsApp as it had around … Read more

ATTENTION! Finish pending work within office hours otherwise… | Technology News

New Delhi: Two years after the Covid-19 attack, companies are focusing on more work. Meanwhile, several employees claim that Samsung is working against the trend. This is because of their latest products. The electronics manufacturer has created a brand new computer mouse that is unlike any other and has been specifically designed to prevent fatigue. … Read more