After Koo, another Twitter alternative in making, this time by ex-employee FIRED by Elon Musk | Technology News

New Delhi: Users have been exploring other alternative platforms after Elon Musk took over Twitter, fired hundreds of employees, and changed nearly every other rule in the company as well as the platform. There are many alternatives to Twitter, and two former Twitter employees are currently developing another network they call Spill. Alfonzo Fones Terrell … Read more

I will make alternative smartphone in case Apple and Google forbid Twitter from their platforms: Elon Musk | Technology News

New Delhi: Technology billionaire Elon Musk hinted in his response tweet that he might consider building replacement smartphones in the event that Google and Apple launch Twitter from their respective app stores. However, he hoped that would not come. Elon Musk gave the hint after a Twitter user named Liz Wheeler posted a tweet in … Read more

China is betting big on another gas engine alternative: methanol cars

Today, the leader in methanol production from carbon dioxide is Carbon Recycling International, an Icelandic company. Geely invested in CRI in 2015, and entered into a partnership to build the largest CO2 in the world2-To a fuel factory in China. When it is in operation, it can recycle 160,000 tons of carbon dioxide2 Emissions from … Read more