WhatsApp BANNED 37 Lakh ‘malicious accounts’ in India in November. Read Details | Technology News

New Delhi: Meta-owned WhatsApp said on Wednesday that it had blocked more than 37 ‘bad’ accounts in India in November in compliance with new IT rules 2021, which are being amended to place more responsibilities on social media platforms. Between November 1 and November 31, 3,716,000 WhatsApp accounts were banned and 990,000 of those accounts … Read more

‘People have spoken…’: Elon Musk announces to unsuspend accounts of journalists on Twitter after poll | Technology News

New Delhi: Technology billionaire Elon Musk has announced the lifting of the ban on suspended Twitter accounts that have been charged doxxing in real time. He has received a lot of backlash for suspending the accounts of several journalists from CNN to The Washington Post to Mashable. Read also | Koo’s Twitter handle has been … Read more

900 Chinese accounts taken down by Meta over hacking issues | Technology News

NEW DELHI: More than 40 accounts operated by Indian firm CyberRoot Risk Advisory, allegedly involved in hacking-for-hire services, have been involved in hacking-for-hire services, social media giant Meta said in a report. Meta also shut down a network of about 900 fake Instagram and Facebook accounts operated from China by an unknown entity. Those accounts … Read more

What is ‘Hi Mum’ scam that siphoned off $7.2 millions from the accounts of Australians this year? | Technology News

New Delhi: Scammers use various creative and creative ways to deceive innocent people, even if it means playing with people’s feelings. More than 11,000 Australians have been bullied by scammers this year, having about $7.2 million stolen from their accounts. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has released the new figures indicating the explosive … Read more

Indian Govt bans Pakistani-based Vidly TV’s OTT platform, apps, social media accounts in India; Here’s SHOCKING reason | Technology News

New Delhi: The central government on Monday informed that Pakistan’s OTT platform called ‘Vidly TV’ has been banned from broadcasting web series that were against India’s national security and safety. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has also banned the website, two mobile apps and four social media accounts from Vidly TV. The Ministry of … Read more