Snapchat launches dual camera to capture multiple shots at same time | Technology News

New Delhi: Snapchat on Monday introduced a dual camera feature to Snapchat users to capture multiple perspectives and topics at the same time.

The dual camera feature has four layouts including portrait, landscape, picture in picture, and crop.

Snapchat users can also add their beloved Snapchat creative tools, including music, stickers, and lenses, the company said.

“Dual Camera will be available globally on iOS today, with support for Android in the coming months,” said Snap, the parent company of Snapchat.

This is how it works. Open Snapchat and you’ll see a new icon in your camera toolbar.

With one simple click, you can start creating Snaps and Stories, or more polished Spotlight videos, with a double perspective.

“Dual Camera is a creative way for our community to capture exciting moments while being part of a memory,” the company said.

Snap also has a Spotlight Creators Bonus Program that provides millions of dollars to eligible Snapchat users who create the best Snaps in Spotlight.

“Share what you make with the dual camera on Spotlight, or if inspiration comes up quickly, create a Snap or Story,” the company said.

Snap announced this month that its premium service Snapchat + has reached 1 million subscribers and the platform has begun rolling out new features to allow users to customize their experience.

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