Snapchat brings iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets, chat shortcuts | Technology News

San Francisco: Popular instant messaging platform Snapchat has launched new features, including lock screen widgets for iOS 16 for iPhone users.

The company said it’s introducing new features to help keep conversations with friends easy to find.

“Our new lock screen widgets, now available with iOS 16, keep conversations with your best friend saved right on your lock screen so you can start chats with a single tap,” the company said in a blog post.

“With this new tool, you can save yourself swiping when you want to start Snapping, while keeping video chats with the Snapchat camera at your fingertips,” he added.

Snap chat mentioned that its new chat shortcuts at the top of the chat tab will make it easier to do things like discover snaps and unread chats from friends, see missed calls, and respond to Stories.

“Our shortcuts will also remind you if you owe a refund and show you when birthdays approach, so you never miss someone’s special day or leave a friend to read,” the company said.

Snapchat also introduces new tools like Question Stickers.

Last month, the platform introduced a dual camera feature to Snapchat users to capture multiple perspectives and topics at the same time.

The dual camera feature has four layouts, including portrait, landscape, picture-in-picture, and aperture.

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