Samsung users’ personal data leaked in a massive data breach, company says THIS | Technology News

New Delhi: Samsung has reported a data breach to some users which resulted in the theft of personal data including birthdays, contact information and more of the users. The data of Samsung users in the US was compromised in the breach that occurred in July of this year. In an email, the company revealed that the data was taken from some US Samsung systems by an unauthorized third party.

“In late July 2022, an unauthorized third party obtained information from certain US Samsung systems. On or around August 4, 2022, we determined through our ongoing investigation that the personal information of certain customers was affected. We have taken measures to secure affected systems, we have engaged a leading third-party cybersecurity company, and we are coordinating with law enforcement,” said the company’s FAQ page. However, Samsung made sure that the breach did not affect Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, or debit card numbers.

Personal data such as name, contact, demographic information, date of birth and product registration information were stolen from some users in the United States during the data breach in July. According to the Samsung Blog, the information affecting each relevant customer may vary. We inform clients in order to make them aware of the situation.

According to Samsung’s FAQ page, users must change their passwords or make specific changes to their devices in order to keep their accounts because “consumer devices have not been affected in connection with this incident”. However, the company warned users to be wary of any unsolicited communications requesting personal information or directing them to a web page requesting personal information. Users have also been advised not to click on suspicious links or attachments in suspicious emails.

“We are committed to protecting the security and privacy of our customers.” We have hired senior cybersecurity experts and work with law enforcement. “We will continue to work diligently to develop and implement immediate and long-term next steps to further enhance security across our systems,” Samsung said of the company’s efforts to protect users’ privacy and security.

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