Samsung pokes fun at Apple iPhone 14 but also says THIS | Technology News

New Delhi: Samsung and rival Apple launched their high-end models within months. The Apple iPhone 14 design has received mixed reviews, in contrast to the praise given to Samsung’s foldable series for its groundbreaking innovations. Samsung has asked people to alert them when Apple releases a foldable phone by criticizing Apple in a new video ad for its lack of flexible phones in its lineup. The tweet was a direct blow at Apple’s lack of design creativity.

The official Twitter account of US company Samsung mocked the Apple iPhone 14 by tweeting, “Tell us when it folds,” and then defended Apple’s boxy design. “Cute—good. Boxy, yes, but it’s fun. We ourselves prefer the round shape. Apple has remained respectfully silent despite Samsung’s repeated punches against their designs.” (ALSO READ: Twitter to Launch Tweet Editing Feature, Here’s Why Indians Can’t Use It)

Although Apple does not currently offer a foldable phone. According to industry insiders, Apple is working on a foldable tablet that could debut around 2023.Also Read: Apple iPhone 14 Launch: Steve Jobs’ Daughter Brutally Walks iPhone 14 On Instagram)

The iPhone 14 received heavy criticism for being too similar to the iPhone 13 while the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max were well received. In addition to the similar appearance of the iPhone 13, the iPhone 14 also shares the same A15 Bionic chipset, albeit with different GPUs. In addition, the iPhone 14 now comes in new colors such as Ice Blue.

The iPhone 14 is priced the same as the iPhone 13, which has been officially reduced by around Rs 10,000. The starting price of the iPhone 14 Plus is Rs 89,900.

The largest iPhone screen appears on the iPhone 14 Plus. iPhone 14 pre-orders will start on September 9, according to Apple. Starting on September 16, the iPhone 14 will be on sale, and on October 7, the iPhone 14 Plus will be available.

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