Pictures of Astronauts in bridal attire surface online; Netizens react | Technology News

New Delhi: The latest viral craze has been the artificial intelligence (AI) trend, which has taken social media platforms by storm. Since then, artist Jayesh Sachdev has posted some AI-generated images that depict astronauts dressed as puppets. The images were posted on Mr. Sachdev’s Instagram profile as well as the page of his design company, Quirk Box. “Week of Astronaut Bridal Couture. When a feed is ‘out of this world fashion,’” he wrote in the caption for the post, which has garnered nearly 8,000 likes and many comments.

The photos show astronauts dressed as newlyweds. The AI ​​models are decorated with decorations such as flowers and jewellery. A helmet is also seen in one’s hand, and another wears it proudly. (Also read: CEO Sundar Pichai reveals the reason behind Google layoffs; Read the details inside)

Netizens quickly responded to the photos. “This is awesome! This kind of acting really strikes me as a future astronaut! I appreciate you creating these pieces of art” noted one user. “It looks like a star plus bahu at NASA,” someone joked. (Also Read: IT Layoffs 2023: About 3,000 Employees Are Fired Per Day In January By Tech Giants)

“Truly amazing ‘out of this planet’,” said another, while a third said, “I feel like it means you don’t need to stick to standards just because you’re a bride. You can still dream a lot like being away from space and becoming an astronaut.”

Ahead, an artist posted an AI-generated Mid flight visual featuring realistic but disturbing images of people attending a house party. The photos seem to show spontaneous and fun goings on at a house party. However, with close examination, one can spot missing and imperceptible body parts from party-goers who don’t actually exist.

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