Users have a better way to focus on studies with Instagram Quiet Mode; Here’s step-by-step guide on how to enable it | Technology News

New Delhi: In an effort to increase the number of time management tools available, Meta Instagram on Thursday introduced a brand new feature dubbed Quiet Mode. By turning off incoming alerts, auto-replying to direct messages, and setting your status to “quiet mode” to let friends know you’re not using the app at the moment, the … Read more

How the James Webb Space Telescope broke the universe

But the speed with which the JWST made discoveries is due to more than its intrinsic capabilities. Astronomers have prepared for years for the observations they will make, developing algorithms that can quickly turn their data into usable information. Much of the data is accessible, allowing the astronomical community to comb through it almost as … Read more

Social Media influencers ATTENTION! New rule launched by centre, CCPA can charge fine up to Rs 50 lakh on violating THESE norms | Technology News

New Delhi: To protect consumer interests and prevent deceptive advertising, the center has released a new set of standards for social media influencers. Social media influencers through “Knowledge of Endorsements – For Celebrities, Influencers, and Virtual Media Influencers on Social Media Platforms” are now required to disclose all “material” interests, such as gifts, hotel stays, … Read more

Twitter will recommend amazing tweets from ppl in other countries & cultures after translation, hints Elon Musk; Netizens divide over update | Technology News

New Delhi: In a new tweet thread, tech billionaire and Twitter boss Elon Musk has hinted that a new Twitter update will soon be introduced that will recommend amazing tweets from people in other countries and cultures to users after they’ve been translated. It will open a treasure trove of tweets hidden and untapped in … Read more

What Mexico’s planned geoengineering restrictions mean for the future of the field

Luke Iseman, formerly director of instrumentation at Y Combinator and now co-founder of a geoengineering startup, says he added a few grams of sulfur dioxide to a pair of weather balloons and launched them from an unspecified location somewhere on the Mexican peninsula last spring. He says he intended for the balloons to reach the … Read more

Hydrogen-powered planes, and abortion pills

1 Covid is excluded from death certificates in ChinaMedical professionals are under pressure to point to other causes of death. (FT $)+ China is cracking down on “gloomy sentiment” related to the coronavirus. (Watchman)+ There has been a huge jump in hospital admissions due to the coronavirus. (Reuters)+ The right combination of medications can help … Read more

What is Twitter community that will send you notification if you’ve engaged in tweets incl like, reply or retweet? | Technology News

New Delhi: Twitter is making changes to make community feedback more prominent on the platform. Soon if users reply, like or retweet something which is later corrected by the community, so you will get a notification regarding that. Community Notes announced the new update on its official Twitter handle. This will enhance the impact of … Read more