OMG! An 18-year boy hacks Uber, employees’ thoughts someone is joking | Technology News

New Delhi: The computer network of taxi booking platform Uber was hacked on Thursday. The company’s internal communications and engineering systems have been affected by the cyber attack. The company said it was investigating the cybersecurity issue. According to reports, due to this security gap, Uber has had to shut down its internal communications engineering system.

According to a New York Times report, an Uber spokesperson said the hacker gained access to the workplace messaging app Slack, and used it to hack. Next, he sent messages to employees that the company was the victim of a data breach. Hacker told the New York Times 18 representative that he is 18 years old. (Read also: PNB raises interest rate on CFDs below Rs 2 crore; Check out the new prices here)

So far, the information about the data leak has not been disclosed to users. (Read also: Antodaya Ration card holders will get free wellness treatment soon; Here’s how)

The 18-year-old also said that he has been working on his cybersecurity skills for many years. He gained access to the system, and also shared some screenshots. Uber says it is in talks with law enforcement and will provide information in this regard soon, while the spider told a security engineer at Couple Apps that the hacker had access to almost the entire app system.

Social engineering is a hacking method in which users are lured by a fake social networking site. Hackers create a fake website that looks like a real one. The user puts his credentials in it and puts the hacker victims into a trap.

This isn’t the first time that Uber has been a victim of data bridges, even before the company came under the scrutiny of investigative agencies. In 2016, 5.7 crore data was leaked from drivers and passengers on the platform. It also gave 1 lakh dollars to hackers. A year later, in 2017, this came out to the public.

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