Now JIO mart is on WhatsApp for grocery shopping in India; here is all you need to know about | Technology News

New Delhi: Meta-owned Whatsapp alliance with Reliance-owned company Reliance to launch Whatsapp grocery store. This is India’s first end-to-end encrypted grocery shopping experience. Now Whatsapp users can shop with chat on the platform.

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Customers can now open the entire JIO mart record on Whatsapp, select the items they want to purchase, and make payment through Whatsapp UPI. The whole process aims to provide easy and hassle free shopping on India’s most used telecom app.

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Taking to Twitter to announce the new feature on August 29, Will Cathcart, Head of Whatsapp, wrote, “Today JioMart is live on WhatsApp with its first comprehensive shopping experience. You can browse products, add your items to your cart and make a payment – all through a WA chat Excited about the opportunities this presents for companies to build experiences on WhatsApp!”

According to sources, Whatsapp has been working on this project for more than two years.

Celebrating the new development, Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement: “Excited to launch our partnership with JioMart in India. This is the first-ever comprehensive shopping experience on WhatsApp – people can now buy groceries from JioMart directly through chat. Messaging commerce is an area with real momentum and will be Chat-based experiences like this are how people and businesses will communicate in the coming years.”

It should be noted that Whatsapp users were allowed to expand another user base of 60 million users from 40 million by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) on April 13, 2022. Now whatsapp may add up to 100 million users to it. UPI payment system. This add-on will come in handy after the launch of JIO mart on Whatsapp.

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