Musk’s ex-girlfriend Grimes says ‘Mark Zuckerberg not qualified to run Metaverse’: Read WHY | Technology News

New Delhi: Elon Musk’s ex-girlfriend, Grimes, has questioned Meta founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s ability to make his $10 billion Metaverse dream a success, calling it “highly unqualified.”

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Canadian-born singer Claire Boucher criticized Zuckerberg in a tweet on Twitter, saying that if Zuckerberg supervised the Metaverse, “he’s dead.”

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“People who care about art and culture are building something else. That’s also bad art,” she said, with Zuckerberg recently facing heavy criticism for his poorly designed volatile avatar.

“The quality of this image alone speaks volumes about how well-qualified it is to build an alternate reality, every indie game literally looks better,” Grimes said.

She wrote: “Aesthetics aside, they have proven beyond reasonable doubt that they are morally incapable of managing something with such power and should not have the power they now have.”

Last week, Zuckerberg posted a screenshot of his digital avatar standing in front of the Eiffel Tower.

However, the social media world didn’t like his very basic image, and bombarded him with memes.

“I know the photo I posted earlier this week was very basic – it was taken too quickly to celebrate the launch. The graphics in Horizon are capable of more – even on headphones – and Horizon is getting better very quickly,” he said.

Recently, Musk and Grimes revealed that they welcomed a second child, a girl named Exa Dark Siderl Musk, via surrogacy in December.

The on-again, off-again couple welcomed their first child, X – A-12 (pronounced “X AI Archangel” and nicknamed “X”), in May 2020. Y is the second child of Grimes and Musk’s eighth. His first child, Nevada son Alexander with ex-wife Justin Wilson, died at 10 weeks of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in 2002.

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