Meta took action over 25 million Fb & Insta posts in July against the violation of IT Rules 2021 | Technology News

New Delhi: According to the latest compliance report filed under IT Rules 2021, Facebook on Wednesday reported that it removed more than 25 million pieces of content in violation of 13 Facebook policies and more than 2 million pieces of content in violation of 12 Instagram policies. In the month of July.

From July 1 to July 31, Meta received 626 reports via Facebook’s Indian grievance process and responded to every single one of them. According to the business, “among these incoming reports, we provided solutions to consumers to fix their concerns in 603 situations.”

According to its monthly transparency report, Facebook has taken action against Rs 1.73 crore of spam content. It was followed by 23 Lakh posts about “violent and graphic content” and 27 Lakh posts about “adult nudity and sexual activity.”

Meta claimed that it assessed the information in accordance with company policy for the remaining 23 reports requiring expert review and that nine reports in total required action. Through the Indian grievance procedure, Meta received 1033 reports on Instagram, and the company addressed each one. In 945 of these received reports, the social network provided users with resources to help them overcome their problems.

These include pre-established channels for reporting content for specific violations, self-repair flows where they can download their data, ways to address hacked account issues, etc., Meta said.

We measure the number of pieces of content (such as posts, photos, videos, or comments) that we take action on that violate our standards. Taking action can include removing a piece of content from Facebook or Instagram or covering up photos or videos that may be annoying to some audiences with a warning “.

Large social media and digital platforms with more than 5 million members are required to submit monthly compliance reports under the new 2021 IT rules.

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