iPhone Craze! Kochi man flies to Dubai to buy affordable iPhone 14 Pro 512GB | Technology News

New Delhi: New iPhones have arrived. In total, four models are available: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. In terms of specs, the iPhone 14 Pro seems to be the most impressive as it offers the benefits of Pro Max (all the new features) at a lower price. Dheeraj Palliyil, an Apple fan from Kochi, was so excited about the iPhone 14 Pro that he traveled all the way to Dubai to get it. Palliyil has stated that he wants to be among the first people in India to buy the new iPhone model.

Balial announced on Instagram that he will be traveling to Dubai to purchase the 512GB iPhone 14 Pro model. This alternative costs 1.59.900 rupees in India, but it is much less expensive in Dubai. Payel paid 5,949 UAE dirhams (about 1,29,000 rupees) for the iPhone model. While this seems like a big deal to many, Yale ended up paying a lot (around Rs 10,000). How? Allow me to explain.

Unlike most people, Balial only traveled to Dubai to buy the iPhone 14 Pro model. He ended up spending nearly 40,000 rupees on airline tickets (both sides). While Palliyil is not the only person who has traveled to a foreign country to buy a cheaper iPhone, he is one of the few who has traveled solely for the purpose of buying the phone. People usually plan a vacation during which they decide to buy a new iPhone, which seems reasonable. Overall, according to our calculations, Palliyil paid Rs 1,69,900 for the iPhone 14 Pro 512GB, which is (approximately) Rs 10,000 more than the Indian price.

Palliyil admitted that he is a fan of Apple and visits Dubai almost every time a new iPhone is launched in an interview with a publication. Palliyil shared information about the purchase this year, explaining that he waited in long lines to get the iPhone 14 Pro for about 4 days. Bought the phone from elite Apple stores in Mirdif City Center in Dubai.

“During the launch of the iPhone 8 in 2017, I came to Dubai first to buy it. I was able to buy the iPhone 11 Pro Max first from the same seller in Mirdif City Center when sales started in Dubai in 2019, even weeks before that. The model was launched in India. I was also the first customer when the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 went on sale in Dubai.”

The iPhone 14 Pro is already available in India on a variety of platforms, both online and offline. It’s available in four capacities: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB, with prices starting at Rs 1,29,900.

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