iPhone 14 Pro models might revive old battery percentage indicator | Technology News

New Delhi: With only a few days left until the Apple event, there are more and more rumors about the upcoming iPhone 14 range phones, the latest of which indicates that the Pro models will revive the classic iOS battery percentage indicator.

According to the GSM Arena, the classic battery percentage indicator says it will have the percentage and battery level icon side by side. This rumor was suggested by a mockup of the device interface shared with MacRumors.

This means iPhone 14 Pro users may not get caught up in the sometimes ugly and illegible indicator Apple is testing in the iOS 16 beta, which shows the percentage inside the battery icon. Apple’s current version of the indicator on newer devices takes the form of a battery icon (without a percentage) that visually represents how much power is left on your phone, according to The Verge.

This was first introduced in the iPhone X due to a lack of space due to the notch and forcing users to scroll down to the Control Center to see the exact ratio. However, since the iPhone 14 Pro is rumored to replace the notch with two separate slots that will form one unified disc shape when the screen is turned on, this should allow enough space to include both the battery and percentage icon.

Apple can also take advantage of the iPhone 14 Pro’s additional display by shifting the cellular service icon to the left side of the screen when the phone is locked while adding the notification center and battery indicator to the right, edge-by-edge. Meanwhile, Apple is preparing for the upcoming launch event to be held in Cupertino on September 7 and four phones are expected to be announced – iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. It will also be interesting to see the new A16 chipset that will only work on the Pro versions and the new smartwatches.

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